Airport Parking Loyalty Programs

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parking loyalty programs

Does your airport offer Parking Loyalty Programs?

Airport Parking Loyalty Programs

In today’s lead story, Dayton International Airport is starting a loyalty program called DAYperks. We are surprised that more airports do not have parking loyalty programs. Or, maybe we are not surprised. Airport parking loyalty programs are popular among off-airport parking operators and most offer some sort of airport parking incentive program.

InstaPerks Parking Loyalty Programs

Sample Punch Cards for Parking Loyalty Programs

When InstaParking managed airport parking, we offered a program called InstaPerks. The InstaPerks Parking Loyalty Program was a simple punch card system that was easy to implement and manage. The punch cards are business cards printed in color on 2 sides and we used a special punch that was shaped like a car. All in, this parking loyalty program can be setup for under $30.

There are a few reasons we are not surprised that more airports are not implementing parking loyalty programs for their on-airport lots:

  • If lots are full or running close to capacity, why bother implementing a parking loyalty program.
  • A simple program like the InstaPerks parking loyalty program is probably not feasible when you consider the airport probably is required to go through a formal bidding process.
  • The human return on investment. Going through the trouble of managing a bidding process, then implementation and monitoring the ongoing program takes human capital and is the amount needed for a parking loyalty program worth the return?

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Dayton International Airport banks on new programs to drive traffic

The Dayton International Airport is unveiling two programs to boost the passenger experience. Travelers can now sign up for a new DAYperks Loyalty Program and use a new parking reservation system for the covered second floor of the garage.

Here’s how they work: Users register for a DAYperks account, which is linked to their credit card, and simply hold a card in front of the reader (instead of taking a ticket) at the entrance gate to whatever parking option they choose. The same card is used to exit, which will trigger the credit card to be charged and rewards points to be issued. DAYperks can be used at any lot and for valet parking.

Members are awarded one point for each dollar spent on parking in any of the Dayton International on-site parking facilities. It takes 60 points to earn a day of economy parking (at the $6 daily rate), for example, and 160 points for a day of garage parking (at the $16 daily rate). Read More>>

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