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airport solar farms

Are Airport Solar Farms Feasible?

Are Airport Solar Farms Feasible?

In Tuesday’s Airport Parking News Roundup, we covered a story on the feasibility of a solar farm at Mitchell Airport. Today’s lead again covers airport solar farms. In this case one that is already installed at Tampa International Airport. I am no scientist and I don’t have numbers to back this up, but there is probably more sun per day in Tampa than in Milwaukee. Sorry Milwaukee, but they don’t get snow in Tampa. Simply put, more sun equals more energy, but unfortunately this article does not get into the cost of the project and expected return. This leave us with two questions:

  • If there are no grants and government money, are airport solar farms feasible?
  • Even if airport solar farms are not feasible without outside money, do these projects still make sense from a standpoint of diversifying energy sources and increasing cleaner energy sources?

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Tampa international airport strives to make the state more environment-friendly

When it comes to going green, Tampa International Airport (TPA) can teach a thing or two to the aviation authorities around the world. Recently it partnered with the city-based electric utility company, Tampa Electrical Co. (TECO) to build one of the largest solar panels in Tampa. The successful deployment of these giant solar panels is expected to fetch more investments in solar power for the Bay area region.

This is by no means is the only claim to fame for the airport that serves 80 non-stop destinations across the continents. As part of its sustainability program, known as the Legacy of Environmental Actions for our Future (LEAF), the busy facility has undertaken an array of green initiatives over the past few years. , The projects under LEAF are aimed at reducing its environmental footprints and attaining carbon neutrality through the implementation of energy-efficient solutions. Read More>>

Denver airport parking sparse as hub sees busy post-Labor Day week

Denver International Airport says parking is hard to find this week as an influx of travelers move through the city’s hub in the aftermath of Labor Day.

“It’s post-holiday and a lot of business travelers are catching up,” said Heath Montgomery, an airport spokesman.

All garage economy and shuttle lots at the airport were full Wednesday afternoon with the exception of the Mt. Elbert shuttle overflow lot. Both of the airport’s short-term parking lots are also open but charge $4 an hour and $96 a day. Read More>>

New parking system at the Helena Regional Airport is up and running

The new parking system at the Helena Regional Airport is up and running. The 600-thousand dollar project replaces the old “honor” system of envelopes placed on windshields with an automated system. Read More>>

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