Airport Amenities Continue to Improve

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Welcome to the New Airport Amenities

How are Airport Amenities Transforming Your Airport?

Airport Amenities

The days of getting to the airport hungry and having to choose from a couple different stale prepackaged sandwiches is coming to an end… Maybe I am over dramatizing the subject.

Over the years, airports have been transforming from utilitarian buildings with food services that makes a High Schools Cafeteria look like Benihana, to opulent meccas of culinary delights. OK, I am over dramatizing again. In the last Airport Parking News round up, we editorialized about Airport Parking Expansion. We have also covered some of the changes transforming the outside of airports. We have covered Uber airport transportation and other ride sharing services being blocked by airports, while another airport welcomes Uber. Today the lead story covers some interesting airport amenities popping up in airports around the globe.

All airport amenities in the lead story may not be amazing, but they are a quantum leap over the prepackaged stale sandwiches. At the end of the day, the increase in airport amenities are about a bunch of factors with the bottom line being profits. Factors to consider:

  • People spending more time at the airport because of long security lines and flight delays results in a demand for the new airport amenities.
  • Airport operators looking for more revenue streams leads to receptiveness to new airport amenities and creative ideas.
  • Businesses including restaurants, clothing, gift, etc. that are traditionally off airport look to airports for branding opportunities and expansion.

From golf to shopping malls to trendy lounges, what are your favorite airport amenities? Add your comments at the bottom of this post.

You Won’t Believe the Services Available in these Six Airports

Travelers are spending more time in airports thanks to things like longer security lines and airline flight delays. With that, airports around the world realize that they have a captive audience that’s willing to spend money in their terminals. So they have stepped up their efforts to go after those dollars by offering new and unusual food/beverage, retail and service offerings. Six airports have gone above and beyond by offering unique and unusual concessions and services for travelers.

Los Angeles International Airport has a 7-Eleven, the Dallas-based company’s first in an airport, located in the pre-security area in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. The store offers items similar to the ones in its local stores, including fresh and hot foods, beverages and snacks, along with travel-size personal care products and nonfood items. And yes — you can also get Slurpees, along with coffee, tea and cappuccino. The store is open from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. Read More>>

CASSIE MacDUFF: What’s coming at ONT?

New CEO when Ontario International Airport returns to local control, and automated parking before L.A. lets it go.

The job description for the new Ontario International Airport CEO has been posted and the airport authority is recruiting for someone to lead ONT as it transitions to local ownership by next year.

Whoever gets the job must be able to manage an annual budget of $62 million, 180 employees (plus or minus) and an airfield that sees 83,000 takeoffs and landings each year, the recruiting flyer says. Read More>>

SUN PASS Down At Fort Lauderdale Airport, Massive Exit Delays, Incompetence

We believe response to Sun Pass failure highlights management problems within the Broward County Aviation Department.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL ( — Travelers attempting to exit Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport are experiencing massive 30 minute+ delays as largely incompetent parking workers bumble through an overly complicated process of logging exits and manually charging credit cards. Read More>>


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